The idea of books on computers came to Michael Hart in the early seventies.  It was probably inevitable someone who think of it, but Hart did first and then dedicated his life to his creation, the Project Gutenberg organization, making ebooks available to the public commons.  

Square Enix paid for it so the hook is how close are we to the future in the videogame DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION -- but regardless, really informative.

Mark Frauenfelder interviewed William Gibson. His most recent novel, Zero History recently came out in paperback.

This website looks like a good idea -- I just need to think of some Internet-y task to try it out on.

Real science + stunning poster = awesome!

Kid Science beats Kid Rock any day....

As storyteller, you are god. And to be frank, you’re not a particularly nice god — at least, not if you want your story to resonate with readers....

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